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Garage Door Manufacturer Brochures

Garage Door Manufacturer Brochures

(Click on a Link to download brochure) B&D Panel Lift Garage Doors Steel-Line Sectional Garage Doors Centurion Sectional Garage Doors

Garage Transformations

Garage Transformations

Garage Pillar Removal Many houses built throughout Perth in the 1970’s and 1980’s adapted the concept of the double brick garage. The most common solution for builders at the time was to use a variety of centre brick pillar designs which would not only provide support to the overhead brick work, but would allow the builder to fit two single …

What is the Best Garage Door Opener in the market and why?

This question can only ever be answered from two perspectives. The most common response to this question is the subjective narrative, put forward by Garage Door Companies that want you to buy a garage door opener or garage door motor that most benefits their ability to generate a profit. The result is simple, Quality will always be compromised by a …

Coastal Corrosion of Garage Doors

Given its climate and location on the coast, Perth residents are fortunate to enjoy one of the best lifestyle environments in the world. However, its proximity to the Indian Ocean does provide some residents with a few hidden challenges that they may not be aware of. Coastal corrosion of Garage Doors is a very common problem for homeowners who live …

Garage Door Renovation

Garage Door Renovation

Some older style garages were not designed with todays modern vehicles in mind. They are either too short, not wide enough or don’t provide enough headroom. At Dynasty Garage Doors we are well experienced at helping our clients renovate and modernise their garage space. Although our area of expertise is garage doors, we work closely with a team of qualified …

Danmar Thermofine Light Oak Woodlook 4

Garage Door Warranties – What to look out for.

In recent years there have been several ‘less than ethical’ practices within the Garage Door Industry surrounding the area of Warranty.  Although the great majority of Company’s within our industry are genuine in their treatment of customers, their remain a few that choose to push the ethical boundaries by offering inducements that, when investigated further, are not what they seem. …

When does it make sense to repair your garage door instead of replacing it?

Replacing a garage door is not a decision to be taken lightly. Given the financial commitment required to purchase a new garage door, it is important that any customer be aware of the pro’s and cons’s of repairing their garage door ‘v’ replacing it completely. How old is your garage door? Although age can be an important consideration, it is …

How to fix a noisy Garage Door?

Garage Doors and Roller Doors can, if left unchecked, make a lot of unnecessary noise, which can be very annoying for our customers and their neighbours. Although it is not possible to reduce or remove all door noise due to the mechanical operation of a garage door, it is possible to reduce or remove all unnecessary noise with regular general …

New “Timber Look” Garage doors added to our range!

New “Timber Look” Garage doors added to our range!

Are you looking for a ‘Wood look’ or ‘Timber look’ door that really does look like wood, is designed to last and won’t break the bank. Sectional doors manufactured using genuine timber, whilst spectacular looking, require expensive and frequent restoration and maintenance during their lifetime. There are many products on the market within the garage door industry, which attempt to …

Is Your Garage Door Secured?

If you are like the majority of Australian’s, your homes major point of entry is likely through your garage door. Visiting customers who rarely open their front door is common feedback received by our team of experienced technicians. With advancements in technology becoming more and more common, it is becoming increasingly evident to us that having a reliable operating garage …


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