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Coastal Corrosion of Garage Doors

March 12, 2020

Given its climate and location on the coast, Perth residents are fortunate to enjoy one of the best lifestyle environments in the world. However, its proximity to the Indian Ocean does provide some residents with a few hidden challenges that they may not be aware of.

Coastal corrosion of Garage Doors is a very common problem for homeowners who live within a very close proximity of the coast, particularly those who have a property with certain orientation. Perth’s afternoon sea breeze, also know as the Fremantle Doctor, brings with it moist ocean air across the Perth Coastal plain. Residents of Perth who live in a house facing south/west are the most effected by this daily blast of ocean air.

The salt particles contained within this sea breeze is what causes corrosion of exposed steel fittings including those used to support and operate garage doors. The closer someone is to the coast, the more advanced the corrosion usually is.

Torsion bars, flag brackets, bearing plates, tracks, cables, steel hinges and motor chains are the most common areas where advanced corrosion can be spotted. As many sectional garage doors are not sealed around the edges, the salty air easily deposits salt onto the exposed fittings causing corrosion to commence.

We recommend homeowners who live in coastal areas should conduct regular checks of their garage doors and fittings as well as regular servicing. Should they spot advanced corrosion on any of your garage door components, we advise them to contact their local qualified garage door company and get the issue checked out to ensure there are no safety issues.

What can I do to slow down the corrosion of my garage door fittings?

Simple steps such as regularly applying lubricant to castors and hinges can prolong the life span of most garage door fittings. In some circumstances it may be advisable to apply some form of antirust treatment to the tracks and brackets (not hinges) When in doubt your local hardware store or Bunnings store would likely be able to provide you with some reliable advice as to the best treatment for your specific needs.

My Garage Door Springs look Rusty – should I be worried?

The short answer is NO! Genuine Steel springs which are stronger than galvanised springs will naturally oxidise. Many installers smear a layer of grease over these springs which serves to not only provide a layer of protection from corrosion, but to also reduce the amount of noise the springs make when they unwind or wind up. It would take a significant amount of corrosion to wear away 5-6mm steel coil compared to the 1-2mm thick steel which makes up many garage door fittings.

What Garage Doors are the most corrosion resistant?

Although most garage door companies will offer special powder coated tracks, hinges and hardware with the standard Colorbond Sectional Garage doors, we believe our range of aluminium framed garage doors fitted with custom designed aluminium tracks provides the best protection from the corrosive forces of the sea breeze. Get in touch with us today for more information and garage door advice.

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