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  • Danmar Cedar Batten Panel

    Cedar Batten Panel

    Solid timber battens (40x18mm or 65x18mm) are fixed to a welded aluminium frame. Option to have acrylic or Aluminium Composite Backing.

    • Description

    Contemporary Aluminium Garage Doors

    Aluminium has become a popular material used to manufacture garage doors due to its lighter weight and low volatility to weather and environment conditions. Aluminium garage doors will give your home bright and inviting finish with a touch of sophistication. Danmar Doors supplies residential and commercial properties in Perth and all major cities in Australia with a vast range of aluminium garage doors to suit most architectural styles.

    Offering a vast selection of designs

    What sets Danmar apart from other manufacturers and garage door suppliers is their dedication to create and recreate a wide selection of styles that fall under their aluminium range. With over 30 years of knowledge and expertise, Danmar Doors are able to manufacture the most suitable garage door design for your property. Danmar Doors have a comprehensive range of standard aluminium garage doors including:

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