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Garage Door Detectives- Broken Doors and Why?

April 3, 2019

Garage Door Emergencies can happen at any hour and any day of the week. Subsequently we receive phone calls from garage door customers throughout Perth daily with a wide variety of garage door problems. Quite often our customers have suddenly found themselves without the use of their garage door and are facing the realisation that their vehicle is stuck in the garage or their homes security has been seriously compromised.

At Dynasty Garage Doors, our highly trained technicians are on call 7 days a week to answer the calls of our distressed customers. As a first point of contact they are well experienced at diagnosing the problem over the phone, calming the customer and arranging a prompt appointment for an onsite visit.

Although most of our garage door maintenance work turns out to be as per our initial phone discussion with our client, every so often we come across a job where circumstances turn out be a little different to those discussed on the phone. Drawing on extensive experience and industry knowledge our garage door technicians invariably locate the cause of all garage door issues and advise our clients on the appropriate remedy.

My Roller Door will not open?

We all know what it’s like when we hear the bin man driving down the street in the morning, only to realise we haven’t put the bins out. Such was realisation of one of our clients when her morning coffee was interrupted with the realisation that her children had failed to put the bins out the previous evening.

Unfortunately, things were to only get worse for her when she could not open her garage roller door. With a heightened level of annoyance, she contacted us to see if we could get someone to come and fix it.

Our technician tried his best provide her with directions on how to put her roller door motor into manual mode, so that she could at least get her car out and get to work. Although our garage door technician and our client tried their hardest, they were unable to resolve the issue over the phone.

When our technician arrived less than an hour later, his well refined detective skills enabled him to identify the problem in less than 30 seconds. Not only had our client’s children forgotten to put the bins out, but one of her daughters was still learning about how to park her car.

Although strong and reliable, garage roller door motors are not designed to lift the roller door and the weight of your daughter’s car at the same time.

broken garage door from car

Our Cars were hit by the Garage Door?

On New Years day a client called us in a frantic state. According to her, something quite remarkable happened. “Our cars were hit by the Garage Door”.

Dusting off his New Years Eve revelling, our trusty technician was left wondering whether this call out was going to be a job for ‘Mulder and Scully’ from the ‘X-Files’. After all, when was the last recorded attack by a Garage Door on an innocent vehicle?

Armed with well developed interpersonal and ‘inter-vehicular’ skills our technician attended the clients home mentally prepared to settle this apparent dispute between the cars and the garage door. As luck would have it this was not a case of an inanimate object coming to life, but rather a set of unforeseen circumstances with a perfectly reasonable explanation.

Unfortunately, the client had purchased a house which was fitted with a poor-quality Aluminium Custom Garage Door. The panels were simply too heavy for the plastic hinges that had been used to fit the door. When one plastic hinge failed, the other hinges could not hold the additional weight and the door panel collapsed onto the Audi and Mercedes parked below.

Had the client’s builder installed a strong Custom Alipanel Garage Door from Danmar Garage Doors, this accident would not have occurred. Quality garage door manufacturers do not use inferior products.

The garage door just broke down

Dynasty Garage Doors is the preferred supplier of garage door maintenance services for many of Perth’s best real estate agents. Property managers around Perth are confident in our professionalism and speed of service.

One of our Property Managers asked us to attend a client’s property where the tenants were reporting that “The garage door just broke down”.

Upon arriving at the property our technician became suspicious that something else had happened and so set about proving his theory by gathering evidence for the property manager. Our technician was of the view that a vehicle had hit the Colorbond Sectional Garage Door with a car. The tenant of course, facing the prospect of having to pay for a new garage door, was trying to convince the technician that no vehicle had impacted the door.

Upon closer inspection of the sectional door panels our technician was able to find foreign paint transfer, which not only matched the colour of a number plate on the car in the driveway but was at the exact height of that number plate.

Tenant damage to garage doors is an all to frequent issue faced by property investors and property managers. Unfortunately, the costs associated with repairs and the owner’s reluctance to use their house insurance can often lead to deceptive behaviour and attempts to deny any responsibility on behalf of the tenant.

Vehicle impacts are one of the most popular calls received within our industry. At Dynasty Garage Doors we are very experienced at dealing with vehicular damage to garage doors. Our team is on call 7 days a week to help make your garage door safe and to provide replacement panel and new garage door quotations for insurance purposes.

CALL US today for all your garage door maintenance requirements.

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