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Garage Door Motors- Quality needs to be proven

April 3, 2019

The garage door industry provides customers with a wide range of Brands and products to choose from. As is the case in most industries, every brand or retailer of a product will tell you that their products are better than others. We are all intelligent enough to understand that it is simply not possible for all this positive spin to be correct.

With the introduction of many new imported Garage Door Motors over the last few years, the choice available to consumer has expanded rapidly. With this expansion of choice comes many unsubstantiated claims and sales pitches with respect to the quality of these new Garage Door Openers. Unfortunately, in a largely unregulated industry, customers can be exposed to this misinformation without ever knowing about it.

Quality is proven commodity

Did you know that there are more than 190 mobile phone manufacturers throughout the world? Of those 190 brands, how many could you name off the top of your head? Of that considerably smaller list, how many of those brands would you regard as a quality brand? Now ask yourself why you chose those brands.

For many of us, a mobile phone is an essential part of our daily lives. If it fails, we experience many emotions. We can feel frustrated, angry, annoyed and seriously inconvenienced. Brands like Apple, Samsung, Huawei or Oppo all come with a reputation as being market leaders in the delivery of quality products. Over time all these manufacturers have proven that their products regularly meet customer expectations on quality. With each new model they learn from previous models and improve their design and capabilities.

Earning the tag of a Quality brand only occurs when a Company can consistently prove that their products have met or exceeded customer expectations over an extended period. Past performance is indeed a guide to what you may expect from a Brand in the future, whilst the absence of any history should well and truly set of the alarm bells.

So how can you tell if the Brand of Garage Door Motor your buying is a good brand?

By asking a few simple questions you can eliminate the garbage from the proven performers. There is only a hand full of genuine manufacturers represented in Australia that can claim to distribute quality products.

Honesty is the best policy, so they say. If you don’t receive and emphatic ‘NO’ to the following questions, then you should probably ask the retailer why they are trying to sell you a product that would appear to be something else.

  • Can I find the same motor on Alibaba with a different name?
  • Is the Brand a real Brand or is it a rebadged version of a mass-produced product?
  • Does the Brand use the same track system as other Brands?

If the product passes the ‘NO’ test, then the following questions will help you determine how confident you can be in the product your buying.

  • How many years has the manufacturer been producing garage door motors?
  • What are the model numbers of the previous models produced by the manufacturer?
  • What are the contact details of the manufacturer in Australia?
  • Please confirm the warranty offering is a manufacturer’s warranty?

The Cream rises to the top

At Dynasty Garage Doors we only supply and install Roller Door Motors and Sectional Door Motors from those manufacturers who can prove their claims to Quality. Chamberlain/Merlin, Automated Technologies (ATA) and B&D Garage Doors have proven to be the most reliable manufacturers of Garage Door Openers in Australia for more than 25 years. Chamberlain/Merlin have been manufacturing garage door openers for more than 70 years.

All these manufacturers have a proven history of reliable roller door motors, sectional door motors and commercial door motors. Previous garage door opener models from these manufacturers are still opening garage doors 25 years after the installation date.

These manufacturers offer extended manufacturer warranties, backed by their own service technicians throughout Australia. The products they offer are all fully compliant with Australian and New Zealand safety standards.

Be careful of outrageous claims by ‘Unknown’ brands.

Recently we read an advertisement by one garage door company in Perth who claimed to be selling a motor ‘Designed for Australian Conditions’ which was superior in every way to one of Australia’s most popular sectional garage door motors the ‘Merlin Tilmaster MT100EVO’.

Upon investigating the garage door opener in question, it quite quickly became apparent that this motor could be easily found on various websites using several different ‘Brand’ names for a relatively cheap online supply price. When we entered the brand name into google it also became apparent that there were no previous versions of that Brand ever made. Of more concern was that the manufacturer did not have an Australian Office and all Warranty claims were to be managed by the installer.

At Dynasty Garage Doors we are here to help you with any sectional garage door motor or roller door motor query you may have irrespective of the brand and model.

Call us today for a prompt and reliable garage door service.

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