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Garage Door Warranties – What to look out for.

February 17, 2020

In recent years there have been several ‘less than ethical’ practices within the Garage Door Industry surrounding the area of Warranty. 

Although the great majority of Company’s within our industry are genuine in their treatment of customers, their remain a few that choose to push the ethical boundaries by offering inducements that, when investigated further, are not what they seem.

The two most common inducements in question are Warranty and Free Annual Servicing. Below are the 5 most important questions you must ask yourself when comparing New Garage Door product offerings

1.Who will honour warranty if the Company offering the warranty goes out of business?

With only a few exceptions, Garage Door Manufacturers only offer a 1-2 year warranty on parts/labour for all New Garage Doors. They do this for very good reasons.

If you are offered an extended Warranty (eg 10 years), then it is pertinent to ask the Salesperson, ‘Who will honour my warranty if your Company goes out of business?’

Unfortunately, many customers have fallen victim to this very issue. If a Company goes out of business for any number of reasons, it is highly likely that any extended Warranty on your Garage Door will disappear with it.

We are pleased to say this is not the case at Dynasty Garage Doors

2. How much is the extended Warranty going to cost me?

A Warranty is not only used to provide the customer with product confidence, it is also used by business to lock in future revenue streams. All extended warranty on Garage Doors comes with the mandatory Annual Service or Scheduled Maintenance. By accepting the terms of an extended Warranty, you are agreeing to paying the ongoing Annual Service fee in order to keep your Warranty alive.

3. Is a Company really going to work for FREE next year and the year after?

If a Company offers you one or two years free annual servicing as part of the inducement to attract your business, it may pay to stop and think about it for a moment.

This is a tactic often used to create a point of difference with a competitor. However, by offering you free services in the future a Company or business is effectively committing to setting aside significant time for which it will earn no income whilst still incurring its own costs.

Put simply, business does not survive by spending more than it earns. A business offering “free-time” for the next 1 or 2 years is more likely to be one of those examples of an entity that goes out of business.

Think quickly, ask the Company for the equivalent value of the servicing fee as a further discount. If they can give free money away in 12 to 24 months, why not get it up front.

4.Has the Company, its owners or other important people involved in the Company ever been involved in business practices which have caused individuals to lose money or warranty?

A little research will often bring up business history that some businesses and individuals would much rather remain hidden. Mistakes made in the past often point to the likelihood of failure in the future. Receiving offers of extended warranty and “free-servicing” from an entity or individual that has a record of failing to deliver is a likely Red Flag.

5. Am I getting a quality product and service?

This may sound simple, but it is often forgotten about when examining all the different ‘Sales pitches’ and ‘Special Offers’. A quality product installed by a quality installer within a quality Company is by far the most important factor in determining your personal satisfaction and the longevity of your garage door.

Remember an ordinary product installed well, will likely last longer than a quality product installed poorly. Ensuring you receive both is more than a worthwhile investment.

The Dynasty Garage Door Commitment

Dynasty Garage Doors commits to disclosing the full cost of any extended warranty to its customers. Furthermore, we guarantee our warranties through a network of like minded companies, so that our customers warranties will survive any unforeseen circumstance. Get in touch with us today and check out our garage door servicing and repairs page for more information.

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