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Industrial Garage Doors

Industrial garage doors or Commercial roller doors as they are sometimes known refers to a specific range of garage roller door that is designed for commercial or industrial applications.

Where an industrial garage door is less than 5m wide and 5m high a commercial roller door is the preferred option. Commercial roller doors are manufactured with thicker steel, have deeper tracks and are much stronger than the standard domestic roller doors. These doors are often operated with a chain drive, planetary gear drive or commercial roller door opener. Commercial roller doors can be strengthened further for high wind areas with the addition of windlocks.

If an industrial garage door is larger than 5m x 5m, requires additional strength or has a design requirement, a commercial roller shutter may be required. Commercial roller shutters essentially operate in much the same fashion as the smaller domestic roller shutters. Commercial roller shutters are available in different styles which suit a wide range of applications from large commercial warehouses/factories to small shop fronts.

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