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Is Your Garage Door Secured?

July 9, 2019

If you are like the majority of Australian’s, your homes major point of entry is likely through your garage door. Visiting customers who rarely open their front door is common feedback received by our team of experienced technicians.

With advancements in technology becoming more and more common, it is becoming increasingly evident to us that having a reliable operating garage door is not the only critical issue when reviewing the suitability or condition of your garage door or roller door.

The shocking reality is that many of the older garage door openers and the new cheap imported garage door motors currently being used in Australian households are susceptible to security threats that may cause them to operate without your intent. Many of the cheap imported motors use technology that is seriously outdated and prone to interference.

Random Wireless Device Interference with your Garage Door

“My Garage Door just opened by itself” Unfortunately this is a growing trend amongst customers with older model garage door openers or cheap imported brands. With the boom in home wireless devices such as doorbells, baby monitors and the myriad of other devices using this technology, older garage door openers are increasingly susceptible to interference from external signals.

Sometimes the interference from these devices only causes the garage door opener to stop responding to remote controls. However, if the receiver on the garage door motor becomes confused and responds to signals from these devices then the garage door motor may randomly open and close.

Code-grabbing technology

Unfortunately, the criminal elements of our community are finding new ways to break into our homes. Although not frequently used, the availability of ‘Code-Grabbing’ scanners to would be criminals is major threat to remotely operated devices such as garage door openers.

If the signal being transmitted by your garage door remotes can be copied, then it can be replicated. Which means in theory, anyone with the appropriate technology can make a copy of your garage door remote and use it to operate your garage door motor.

Choose a Garage Door Motor brand with proven integrated Security

Reputable Garage Door motor manufacturers such as ‘Chamberlain Merlin’ use patented coding technology which cannot be copied. This patented technology eliminates the prospect of ‘Code Grabbing’ and external device interference, thereby ensuring that the control of your garage door motor is always controlled by your chosen remote device.

At Dynasty Garage Doors we choose only those brands with proven and secure technology. Our customers can be assured that their security is our top priority. Choose from our wide range of secure sectional garage door motors or roller door motors as well as our manufacturers mobile/app-based security products.

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