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New “Timber Look” Garage doors added to our range!

August 26, 2019

Are you looking for a ‘Wood look’ or ‘Timber look’ door that really does look like wood, is designed to last and won’t break the bank.

Sectional doors manufactured using genuine timber, whilst spectacular looking, require expensive and frequent restoration and maintenance during their lifetime.

There are many products on the market within the garage door industry, which attempt to replicate the natural look of timber. The demand for sectional garage doors with a natural timber looking finish is strong, as customers attempt to match the other wooden features of their house. Choosing the right product is essential and can be the difference between when seeking that nice balanced curb appeal.

‘Wood Look’ or ‘Timber Look’ sectional garage doors are made out of a number of products. The most common ‘Timber Look’ garage doors are made from steel. In Australia the most common range of ‘Wood Look’ doors are made from Colorbond Steel and come in a limited range of colours. Some company’s offer a custom variation to this product through specialised powder coating treatments, which enable them to provide a wider variety of timber colours.

Unfortunately, Colorbond and other steel ‘wood look’ doors suffer from ‘oil canning’, panel fatigue and provide no thermal protection in summer or winter.

Other products including wood composite material, which is made up of materials such as rubber, wood chips and other recycled materials can also provide an effective ‘Timber Look’ finish. Some custom door manufacturers like Danmar Garage Doors even offer a unique Aluminium Timber Look door. However, these products are considerably more expensive as a rule.

At Dynasty Garage Doors we believe we have finally found a product that not only provides a genuine timber looking finish, but it comes with a number of other benefits not seen in other ‘wood look’ or ‘timber look’ doors on the market. The best part about this product for our customers is that it is considerably less expensive than real timber doors and comparable in price to the customised steel ‘wood look’ finishes on the market.

Within Danmar Garage Doors ‘Thermopanel’ range is a product called ‘Thermofine’. Danmar Garage Doors offers two stunning ‘Timber Look’ finishes ‘Dark Oak’ and ‘Light Oak’. As can be seen in the pictures of some recently installed doors, the smooth panels lift the profile of the timber pattern on these doors, providing the appearance of a genuine wood feature from a distance.

Danmar Thermofine Light Oak Woodlook 3

But the benefits of this door don’t stop at the superb timber looking finish. This European product is the highest quality insulated door available on the market in Australia. With outstanding thermal benefits, a high fire rating and a clean finish to rear of the panels, the ‘Thermofine’ insulated garage door by Danmar Garage Doors is the complete package.

The ‘Thermofine’ woodlook door in ‘Dark Oak’ and ‘Light Oak’ by Danmar Garage Doors ticks all the boxes for quality, style and value.

  • The highest quality insulated panel door available in the Australian market
  • Tougher than Colorbond and other steel woodlook doors
  • Smooth finish resulting in a genuine ‘Woodlook’ appearance
  • European design and manufactured
  • Fire rated

This door is by far the best value for money ‘Wood Look’ or ‘Timber Look’ door on the market.

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