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Save Money – Code your Own Garage Door Remotes!

April 3, 2019

At Dynasty Garage Doors we receive phone calls daily from clients searching for remote controls for their respective garage door openers or garage door motors. Although we attend many properties to supply and code original and after market garage door remote controls, we also provide our customers with information on how they can source and code their own garage door motor remotes.

In this article we will provide you with some handy information on where you can purchase garage door remotes online or locally for your brand on model of garage door opener. Purchasing your own garage door remotes and coding them with your garage door motor will potentially save you a lot of money.

Step 1:- Identify the Brand and Model number of your Garage Door Motor

The most critical piece of information needed when sourcing new garage door remotes is understanding what Brand and Model of garage door opener you have. Without this information it will be very difficult to find the correct remote control for your garage door motor.

The Brand of your Garage Door Motor and the model number is normally visible on the cover of the motor or on the rear panel. Most garage door motors have a plate with the serial number, model number and manufacturer details. This is sometimes located inside a removable cover or panel.

Remote Pro

Remote Pro supply a wide selection of aftermarket and original garage door remotes. Simply go to https://www.remotepro.com.au/ and type in your garage door motor model number or brand in the search bar at the top right side of the webpage. This will bring you to a selection of compatible aftermarket or original remotes which would most likely suit your opener. Carefully search the details on each remote to ensure they are compatible with your motor and model number. Each remote delivered by remote pro comes with a set of coding instructions for you to follow.

Remote Pro also have staff on hand who can assist you identify the most appropriate remote for your garage door opener.


Bunnings stock remotes for some of the most popular garage door motor brands throughout Australia. Although the range of remotes on offer is limited, these remotes are for some of the most common brands on the market. Simply go to the Bunnings website and type in Garage Door Remotes in the search panel or click on the following link. https://www.bunnings.com.au/search/products?q=garage%20door%20remotes All remotes supplied by Bunnings come with coding instructions to assist you code your garage door remote to your motor.

Bunnings garage door remotes


Garage door remote Warnings:

IF NONE OF YOUR REMOTES ARE WORKING then your garage door opener may have a problem. It is very unlikely that more than one remote control will stop working at the same time. Your motor may have a circuit board issue or a receiver issue. Contact us at Dynasty Garage Doors if you are unsure.

 DO NOT BELIEVE advertisements online which promote compatible ‘Universal Garage Door Remotes’. It is very rare that a ‘Universal Remote’ will code to your garage door opener, as each garage door motor manufacturer uses a different coding technology.

IF IN DOUBT do not purchase a remote unless you are sure it is the correct remote for your garage door motor. Contact us anytime and we will be happy to steer you in the right direction.

ORIGINAL REMOTES will last a lot longer than the cheaper after market remotes. Although slightly more expensive it is always best to stick with the manufacturers original design.

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