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The Importance of Servicing your Garage Door!

April 3, 2019

We all know our cars require regular servicing and maintenance. The consequences of failing to conduct these scheduled servicing’s can cost us a lot of money in the future and may even void the warranties provided by the manufacturer.

The average Australian garage door is opened and closed multiple times every day, so it makes sense that using a mechanical device with such regularity would cause wear-and tear or corrosion. Not only are the costs associated with these avoidable breakdowns, but also inconvenience as well as security concerns if you don’t have functioning doors!

An annual garage door service by our experienced team of garage door repair technicians will ensure your garage door is maintained in excellent condition. Regular servicing will not only ensure your garage door operates as it should, but it will also prolong the garage door and garage door motors expected life span.

Common Garage Door Maintenance Issue – Loose Cables

The torsion system is the most critical operating system of any sectional garage door. The torsion system of a sectional garage door is generally comprised of springs, cable drums, bearings, a torsion bar and cables.

If the torsion system is compromised in any way, your sectional garage door and the motor will not operate effectively, likely resulting in damage to both your door and motor. Regular servicing will ensure your torsion system is operating with the correct spring tension.

Loose cables are one of the most common causes of sectional door failures and emergency call-outs within the garage door industry. If your cable becomes loose, it may detach from the cable drum and cause your door to become unstable. In some circumstances, it can cause your door to fail completely and even fall off the tracks completely.

All the sectional doors in the following images had loose cables. Every single one of these emergency call-outs could have been avoided with a regular garage door service.


Common Garage Door Maintenance Issue – Broken Hinges

A sectional door can not operate without functional door hinges. Irrespective of the material from which these hinges are made, regular servicing is required to ensure all hinges are secured and operating effectively.

Recently, there have been some concerns about the durability of door hinges. The plastic ones that are commonly used in houses can be less sturdy than steel so it’s important to keep an eye out for cracks before they become too noticeable!

The failure of one hinge can place additional load on the other hinges within the panel or within the door. It is not unusual for one damaged hinge to set of a chain reaction which causes other hinges to become overloaded, causing a series of broken hinges and damaged panels.

Regular servicing will almost certainly identify these weak hinges and ensure you avoid expensive repair work in the future. The following images show the consequences of a failure to identify and replace damaged door hinges.


Common Garage Door Maintenance Issue – Broken Springs

Garage door torsion springs are the engine room of any sectional door or tilt door. These springs are placed under extraordinary tension repeatedly through the life cycle of a tilt door or sectional door.

Although it is difficult to determine when a garage door spring will break or wear out, it is imperative to ensure they are regularly checked as part of a regular garage door servicing schedule. Keeping them free from any unnecessary dirt and dust whilst maintaining appropriate lubricating can prolong the life of an average garage door spring.

broken springs

Common Garage Door Maintenance Issue – General Wear and Tear

Your sectional door, roller door or tilt door is a moving mechanical devise. Stresses are placed on multiple pieces of hardware which make up the structure of the door. Ensuring damaged hardware is identified early and replaced can prevent costly emergency repairs, unnecessary door damage and expensive motor replacement.

broken garage door


At Dynasty Garage Doors our experienced technicians can carry out a comprehensive scheduled service and maintenance program on all sectional garage doors, roller doors and tilt doors throughout Perth and greater Western Australia. Book a service here! 

Call us today to book your next garage door service.

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