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What is a Sectional Door? What is a Panel Door?

April 30, 2019

Sectional doors are made of separate panels that lift upwards and rest parallel with the garage ceiling. Sectional doors are made up of between three to eight sections fixed together by strong hinges. Castors are fixed to the panel edges allowing the door to move up and down the track system which is fixed to the door frame and roof.

sectional garage door

Sectional doors are also called panel doors. The can vary considerably in size from as small as 1900 high x 1500 wide up to as large as 3700 high by 9000 wide. The maximum height and width of a sectional door is determined by the strength and material used to manufacture the door.

Sectional doors are generally operated on a torsion spring system. Most are now operated automatically using a garage door opener, but all doors should be balanced so that they can be lift manually.

Sectional doors are made from many different materials, including steel, wood, vinyl, aluminium, and Glass. The material used to make your garage sectional door is normally determined by the doors purpose and your budget.

A brief history of the sectional garage door

Although the origins of the Sectional Garage Door can be traced back to some early science journals published in 1906, it is accepted that the first person to design and manufacture overhead sectional garage doors was Mr C.G.Johnson, who started the ‘Johnson’s Overhead Door Company’ in 1921.

As the age of the automobile took off, so did the need for a convenient way for motorists to store their vehicles in a secure garage. In 1926 ‘Johnson’s Overhead Door Company’ took things a step further designing the first electric overhead garage door opener. Unlike today’s wifi enabled sectional garage door motors, back then you needed to push a button on a post to open the door. The first radio controlled remote controls were designed in 1931.

Sectional Garage Doors are designed using a varying number of panels depending on the height and width of the garage door. A standard sectional garage door will have between 4 and 5 panels opening upwards and overhead, using a torsion system to counteract the weight of the door. Over the years sectional garage doors have been designed using many materials, including steel, aluminium, wood and glass.

sectional garage door

Advantages of sectional garage doors

  • Unlike tilt doors, sectional doors require no space outside of the door to open. Cars outside the garage can park very close to the door
  • The use of multiple panels places less pressure on the castors than on a standard tilt door
  • Damaged panels can be replaced, making repairs affordable
  • Sectional doors can be made out of many materials and can be purpose built for things such as ventilation, natural lighting, fire protections, insulation, security
  • Sectional doors are stronger and more resistant to wind damage than roller doors
  • Sectional doors are very secure

Disadvantages of sectional garage doors

  • A sectional door takes up approximately 250mm of space below the ceiling that could be used for storage
  • A sectional door has many moving parts that require regular maintenance
  • Repairs need to be carried out by qualified and experienced garage door technicians as sectional doors can be dangerous to the amateur home handy person

Colorbond Sectional Garage Doors

Colorbond steel garage doors are the most popular type of sectional door used in Australia. These doors are standard ‘go to’ door for all builders and residential clients.

At Dynasty Garage Doors we provide our customers with one of the largest ranges of Colorbond Sectional Doors from which to choose. We supply and install all major Colorbond garage door brands including B&D, Steel-line, CSi and Centurion.

Each manufacturer produces a door of varying strength and quality. Our team of technicians can provide you with honest and impartial advice on which brands would suit your needs and budget.

Custom Designed Sectional Doors

Sectional Doors can be made from almost many different materials. Whether for residential or commercial use, the scope and design of a custom-made sectional door is usually up to the imagination of the client.

Only a select few manufacturers make it their business to specialise in these types of doors. Making a custom designed door look aesthetically pleasing is only one half of the job. Making a custom designed sectional door last a long time can only be guaranteed by using a manufacturer who uses benchmark manufacturing techniques and the highest quality products.

custom designed garage door

At Dynasty Garage Doors we can provide you with custom sectional garage doors from Australia’s number one custom garage door manufacturer. Such is the quality of doors from our supplier, that they are the only garage door manufacturer in Australia that exports doors for installation overseas.

Sectional Garage Door Openers

One of the most important components of any quality sectional garage door is the automation system. At Dynasty Garage Doors we supply and install only the highest quality sectional door motors and openers. Using the latest technology our sectional door motors come with the longest manufacturer backed warranties. Our manufacturers have been in the industry for between 26 and 75 years.

View our extensive range of sectional garage doors to find out what we can do for you!

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