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What is the Best Garage Door Opener in the market and why?

March 30, 2020

This question can only ever be answered from two perspectives.

The most common response to this question is the subjective narrative, put forward by Garage Door Companies that want you to buy a garage door opener or garage door motor that most benefits their ability to generate a profit. The result is simple, Quality will always be compromised by a focus on profit.

The second response to this question is the objective one, most often put forward by Garage Door Companies that have experienced the pitfalls of using inferior products and the significant benefits of using garage door motor and garage door opener brands with a long history of quality and reliability.

Currently, our market is flooded by a range of roller door motors and sectional door motors, that are not only manufactured using inferior materials and engineering but they are also rebranded, repackaged, and sold using unsubstantiated claims of quality and reliability.

So how can a customer determine which garage door openers are considered ‘the best and which garage door motors are simply in a group which could best be called ‘the rest’.

Factor 1:- History

This above all else is the most important consideration to make when buying a garage door opener or garage door motor. If you can not find previous versions of the ‘Brand’ dating back at least 20 years then any claims on quality, superiority, and reliability made by any company or individual trying to sell you a garage door opener should be dismissed quickly.

In Australia, only brands like, Merlin, Chamberlain, ATA, B&D, Superlift, and Boss Guardian have a long trading history. Customers can make comparisons by comparing the performance of previous versions of these motors.

Factor 2:- Manufacturer or Rebranded/Rebadged

If a Customer has adequately researched the existence of a BRAND’s history, then it is unlikely they will need to consider this factor. The influx of new motor BRAND names in Australia is largely an illusion. Many Garage door openers on the market are rebranded versions of motors being sold under different names.

It is no coincidence that a search for manufacturer head office locations throughout Australia for these rebranded garage door openers ends in an address or contact number for a local garage door company that simply sells the item as a reseller.

Brands like Chamberlain, Merlin, ATA, B&D, and Superlift have offices in each capital city throughout Australia and contact numbers for customer assistance. Of those Brands, only two of them are a manufacturer. Chamberlain/Merlin and ATA.

If a customer is in doubt, they should ask these two questions – Who is the manufacturer? Is this a Rebranded Motor?

Factor 3:- Manufacturer Warranty

If a customer ignores the warnings above and is still entertaining the idea of purchasing a rebranded non-genuine product, then this factor should be the final nail in the coffin of the inferior products being offered in the market.

Put quite simply, a genuine manufacturer’s warranty is a warranty that is offered and honored by the manufacturer of the garage door opener. A warranty offered by the re-seller, distribution agent, or retailer is not a genuine manufacturer’s warranty and is likely contingent on the seller’s ability to continue operations and or service their commitments.

Factor 4:- The Comparative Claims

If a company or salesmen starts to compare the garage door opener, they are trying to sell you with another brand, you would do well to ask yourself Why? Amongst other techniques used to sell inferior quality garage door openers, is the technique of comparing them to other well-established and well-respected brands.

Claims like “more powerful than a Merlin”, or “just as good as Merlin”, or “better than an ATA”, should not only serve as a red flag but also point you in the direction of the very products they are comparing themselves to. The reason is simple, the salesperson wants to create the illusion that their cheaper and unproven product is somehow just as good as the well-established, well respected, and long-lasting garage door opener brand

Our Opinion

At Dynasty Garage Doors, we supply and sell the garage door openers which we believe will provide our customers with the most satisfactory results, coupled with after-sales support. Much of our opinion is based upon our experience with the responsiveness of the manufacturer to those concerns expressed by our customers.

As an example, we know that when we install a Merlin Garage Door opener, our customers are receiving a product that is backed up by a Company in Chamberlain/Merlin that has continually demonstrated impeccable customer service over many years. We know that any faults during the warranty period are rectified by the team at Merlin and that our customers can call a customer service team member to discuss any issues they may have.

We are continually hounded by Australian Re-sellers trying to sell us garage door openers with claims that they are better than Merlin or superior to ATA. Our independent testing on Garage door Motors and experience debunk these claims quite quickly, as does our search of websites like Alibaba where anyone can purchase one of these mass-produced garage door motors directly from China.

We are always on the lookout for products that are outperforming their competitors and will act accordingly in the best interest of our customers.

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